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Industrial Drones

Commercial Drone Supplier for Durban

PLEASE NOTE: All of the below products are priced upon request. Please send us an email with the product you are interested in and we will send you an official quote with pricing. 

DroneGear ZA is pleased to be your fully-equipped commercial and industrial drone supplier for Durban and the surrounding areas including Hillcrest. We offer a range of high-tech drones and drone accessories to meet your unique needs. We can also provide drone repairs as part of our comprehensive services. Shop our online store to find the drone solutions you are looking for to be used in your commercial or industrial applications.

How You Can Benefit From a Commercial Drone Supplier

DroneGear ZA’s founder, Jacques, has extensive photography and videography experience. When you come to DroneGear ZA for your commercial drone solutions, you not only leave with a high-quality drone suited to your needs, you also benefit from one-on-one instruction and advice from us.

We’ll be able to point out specific drone applications that can be useful for your industry and that will increase efficiency and save you money. Our drones can be helpful when it comes to agriculture, construction, city infrastructure or warehouses. Whether you’re looking to survey your property and buildings, spot safety issues or scan items, commercial and industrial drones can save you both time and money.

Check out the drones and drone components below to find what you’re looking for. Email us at for pricing.