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PGYTech Mavic Air 2 Accessory Kit

PGYTech Mavic Air 2 Accessory Kit

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Key Features
  • UV Filter - DOES NOT FIT AIR 2S 
  • Landing Gear Extensions
  • Portable Landing Pad
  • Pad Holder for Tablets and Smartphones

The Mavic Air 2 Accessories Combo is a bundle of accessories for your Mavic Air 2 from PGYTECH. The accessories are designed to improve a variety of aspects of your drone, from image quality to usability, and safety in landing. The included UV filter helps reduce haze, increasing contrast and apparent sharpness, and it is extremely useful when the shot includes objects far off in the distance. The included landing gear extensions raise your Mavic 2 over an inch in height off the ground, to help protect the drone and its gimbal-mounted camera on uneven terrain. The snap-on propeller holder keeps your drone's propellers secure and tight to the body when transporting your drone. This protects the propellers from incidental damage from moving around in its case or bag.

The included landing pad is a portable landing surface that protects your drone from dirt and debris when taking off or landing on dirt or grass. The pad is orange on one side, and blue on the other end features a white circle with a landing target, making it easy to locate for landing. The quick release pad holder proves you with a way to mount your tablet on your remote controller. This allows you to have a large display to see the image from your drone, and you can rotate the holder to accommodate an iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

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