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PGYTECH Mavic Mini CPL Filter

PGYTECH Mavic Mini CPL Filter

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1. For PGYTECH MAVIC MINI light reduction mirror series is different from the general color reduction and light reduction process. The innovative use of optical glass coating light reduction process completely overcomes the ills of image color cast by the light reduction mirror, only dimming and not color cast.
2. The frame is made of high-quality aerospace aluminum, high-elastic lightweight shrapnel, with clever quick-release design, and quick installation.
3. The weight is less than 1.5g, and it has almost no effect on the stable operation of the gimbal.
4. The lens adopts Schott optical glass, high-definition grinding treatment, and adopts double-sided multi-layer nano coating process to impart high quality waterproof, oilproof, antifouling and scratch resistance to the lens. The filter weighs only about 1.3g and uses a quick-fit structure without affecting the pan/tilt calibration.

CPL filter: for PGYTECH MAVIC MINI CPL filter (Professional Edition) can effectively eliminate polarized light, increase color density, deepen the sky blue, highlight white clouds, make the picture more transparent, and improve the clarity and expressiveness of the picture.

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