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Insta360 Bike Bundle
Insta360 Bike Bundle

Insta360 Bike Bundle

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Insta360 Bike Bundle is ideal for biking, and includes a Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount (including Extension Pole), Chest Strap, and Handlebar Mount.

Insta360 Bike Bundle is perfect for cycling, mountain biking, BMX, and motorcycling, and includes a Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount (including Extension Pole), Chest Strap, and Handlebar Mount.

The Insta360 Bike Bundle will allow you to capture your riding experiences on video by mounting your action camera to your Helmet.

The Insta360 Bike Bundle is ideal to highlight all your road trips, and dirt tracks from all sides while cycling, mountain biking, BMX, or motorcycling.

Extension Pole

This light, portable 16.4 cm Extension Pole connects the action camera to your Helmet, and lets you capture all of the action — ahead of you, behind you, and on all sides.

Chest Strap

Perfect for hands-free capture of the action in front of you, with adjustable shoulder Chest Strap.

Handlebar Mount

Mounts easily to your Handlebar, so that you can capture everything in front of you, especially all of your reactions.

How to use

Helmet Mount

1)Attach Helmet Extension Pole to the Mounting Buckle.

2)Install a ¼” Camera Mount Adapter on the other end of the Extension Pole.

3)Slide the Flat Adhesive Mount firmly in place.

4)Mount your camera.

5)Paste the 3M Adhesive to the bottom of the Flat Adhesive Mount and stick it to your Helmet.

Handlebar Mount

1)Screw the ¼” Camera Mount Adapter to the Handlebar Mount.

2)Mount your camera and install it onto your Handlebars.

Chest Mount

1)Screw the ¼” Camera Mount Adapter to the Flat Adhesive Mount.

2)Insert into the Chest Strap and Mount your camera.


  • Ideal for dirt tracks, road trips, or track days.
  • Capture your next ride from every angle at once.
  • Perfect for cycling, mountain biking, BMX, and motorcycling.
  • Mount just about anywhere on your Bike with the included Extension rods, and Handlebar Mount.


  • X3
  • ONE RS (1-Inch 360 excluded)
  • GO 2
  • ONE X2
  • ONE R
  • ONE X

What’s in the box

  • Insta360 Handlebar Mount
  • Helmet Extension Pole
  • Chest Strap
  • 3x Stability Insert Sheets
  • 5x Mounting Buckles
  • 4x 1/4 Camera Mount Adaptors
  • 5x 1/4 Thumb Screws
  • 2x Flat Adhesive Mounts
  • 2x Curved Adhesive Mounts
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty