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Insta360 Air Camera

Insta360 Air Camera

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Turn your smartphone into a 360 camera

Life doesn't fit in a rectangle.

Share 360 highlights of your life with friends on social media or broadcast them in real time with live-streaming mode.

Goes with USB cable doubles as a webcam stand.(To be purchased separately)

Just plug in and your Air is a 360 webcam.

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand.

Or your pocket when you're on the move.

37.6 mm

Two versions: Micro USB/ USB Type-C Connector
Please choose the appropriate version
according to your phone.

Tailored to your device.

Wide-ranging Android compatibility.
360 creation has never been simpler.

Plug and play.

Go ahead, take your pick.

4 colour options + silicone rubber case
that shows the Air at its best.

Available colours

Capture full experiences.

To share and revisit.

1. One-touch photo and video capture
2. Select VR mode
3. VR headset experience
Life is best in 360.

This camera goes all in.
Capture everything, everywhere.

Go live in 360 on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.



Firmware Update PinholeUSB ConnectorLensLED IndicatorLens

Phone compatibility
Android phones
Insta360 Air, Insta360 Player
Minimum aperture
Photo capture resolution
3008 x 1504 (3K)
Video capture resolution
2560 x 1280
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