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DJI MAVIC PRO/Platinum CPL Lens Filter

DJI MAVIC PRO/Platinum CPL Lens Filter

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Get credit on selected items through:
  • Low reflectivity, Ultra thin, ultra light, high definition & high transmittance
  • High quality optical glass, stable optical properties, high optical homogeneity
  • Molded frame with accurate size, ultra-thin and no dark corners
  • Will not interfere with the gimbal calibration.

CPL filter set is a must-have tools for all Mavic pilot who wants to shoot professional quality motion images and video.

How to clean the filter: 
Use high-quality disposable lens tissues. (Free presented)
Make sure the glass surface has no dust or grit on it.
Take a lens tissue, fold it once or twice (depending on size), gently(don’t push too much pressure to the glass) wipe with the tissue in a circular pattern starting from the center and moving out to the edge.
Using the standard fabric “lens cleaning cloths” with any liquid is not recommended because dust and grid can become trapped in the fibers and damage the lens or filter on subsequent uses.

NOTE: This item does not includes the Mavic Pro/gimbal shown