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Basic maintenance should be performed every 500 shots, or as needed. For any service not listed please contact customer service. The Byrna features a 1-year limited factory warranty that may be voided if unauthorized service is attempted, the device is modified, or used with unauthorized projectiles or unauthorized gas cartridges. For factory service please contact Byrna HD Service to obtain a return authorization (RA) number which is required prior to shipping your device.


Always remove CO2 cartridge and magazine and clear breach before performing any maintenance.

  • STEP 1: First, be certain to wear appropriate eye protection. Confirm device is in SAFE mode when lever is in up position: byrna-hd-safety-mode-engaged
    Confirm CO2 is removed: byrna-hd-co2-cartridge-removed
    and confirm the breach is cleared:
  • STEP 2: Install oiling guide into the CO2 chamber. byrna-hd-oiler-guide-insert
  • STEP 3: Remove cap from oiling tool.
  • STEP 4: Insert oiling tool into CO2 chamber. byrna-hd-oiler-insert-chamber
  • STEP 5: Squeeze oil bottle very gently to dispense 2-3 drops of oil. Do not over oil. byrna-hd-oiler-kit-installed
  • STEP:6 Lastly, remove the oiling guide and oiling tube from launcher, and replace the oiling tool cap. Install an unused CO2 cartridge and reinstall magazine with or without projectiles loaded in the magazine. Be certain to observe all warnings and safety measures and operate the launcher. Operating the launcher immediately after oiling allows air to force oil through the entire device.