ND8 Filter For Inspire 1 / OSMO

ND8 Filter For Inspire 1 / OSMO

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The ND8 filter reduces 3 f-stops of light.

Generally speaking, trying to hold aperture at f2.8 or f5.6 the ND8 filter would be used on a cloudy to partly cloudy day to knock shutter down to 1/60th.

Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

Adjustable the neutral density from ND8
Perfect push on fitting for DJI inspire1/ Osmo X3 lens
No tools, clamps or glue! Compatible for DJI Osmo Inspire 1
Double grinding optical glass, the multilayer coating, 99.5% light transmittance, ultra-thin no dark corners.
Same scenery clap different flavor
Portable and durable
Elegant crystal packing Gem grade EVA lining

Type: OSMO & Inspire 1 Camera Lens Filter
Colour: Black
Material: Aviation Aluminum-Alloy 
Compatible: DJI Inspire 1 & OSMO X3