ND16 Filter For Inspire 1 / OSMO

ND16 Filter For Inspire 1 / OSMO

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ND16 Filter:

ND filter (Neutral Density) reduces the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the colour. Can be used to enable slower shutter speeds. Also can be used to better separate subjects from the background by allowing wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field.

Great for portraiture and outdoor scenes.


Perfect push turn on fitting for DJI inspire1/ osmoX3 lens
No tools, clamps or glue! Compatible for DJI Osmo Inspire 1
Same scenery clap different flavor
Portable and durable
Elegant crystal packing Gem grade EVA lining

Type: OSMO & Inspire 1 Camera Lens Filter
Colour: Black
Material: Aviation Aluminum-Alloy 
Compatible: DJI Inspire 1 & OSMO X3