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DJI Matrice 300 RTK OSDK Expansion Module

DJI Matrice 300 RTK OSDK Expansion Module

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In The Box

  • Bracket A (upper) x 2
  • Bracket B (left) x 1
  • Bracket C (right) x 1
  • Bracket D (reinforcing rib) x 3
  • Bracket connection block x 4
  • OSDK adapter plate module x 1
  • USB cable (with two type-A ports) x 1
  • XT30 power cable x 1
  • Wire clip x 3
  • Foot pad x 3
  • Hand screw x 5
  • Screw A (M1.6) x 15
  • Screw B (M2.0) x 5
  • Screw C (M3.0) x 5
  • Screw D (M1.6 step) x 3
  • Screwdriver kit x 1


The OSDK expansion module can attach a Manifold 2 onto the Matrice 300 RTK platform, and offers standard adapter interfaces to allow connection with various onboard computing platforms.

  • Compatible with the M300 RTK and Manifold 2.
  • Converts interfaces on the M300 RTK OSDK to standard interfaces such as USB Type-A, UART serial port and XT30 power output, to allow for connection with onboard computing platforms.
  • Can be used with the single upward gimbal to meet the needs of more scenarios.
  • When mounted onto the M300 RTK, the module can be put into the safety transport case while attached to the drone, ensuring easier storage.