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Byrna HD Kits in Durban

Non Lethal Self Defense. CO2-powered handheld personal security device. Shoots 68 caliber irritant rounds

It’s important to feel safe in your surroundings and to have the right equipment to protect yourself if you need to. Dronegear can help with our inventory of self-defence products and non-lethal self-defence kits available in the Durban area. Shop our online store to find the self-defence products or kits rightly suited for your needs so you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected.

Byrna HD Kits

Dronegear is committed to selling the best products and equipment to our customers, and that includes the Byrna brand, manufactured right here in South Africa. Our Byrna HD Ready Kit will have you prepared for self-defence at a moment’s notice. It includes a CO-2 powered weapon, which removes the need for lethal force as it delivers chemical irritants strong enough to stop intruders and attackers.

Our Byrna HD Kits offer a way to protect yourself and your loved ones without risking your safety. Buy yours today through our website and get it right away because Byrna doesn’t require permits or lengthy background checks.

For self-defence products you can rely on when it counts, turn to Dronegear of Durban. We have the products you need whether it’s a Byrna HD Kit, holster, pistol light or magazine carrier. Order from the selection below or contact us with further questions.